Square Card Reader – Accept Contactless and Chip & PIN, Apple Pay and Google Pay

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Accept chip and PIN cards, contactless cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay; Pay one flat rate for all major cards - Visa, Mastercard and even Amex; Connect wirelessly to your iOS or Android device with Bluetooth LE; Our free point-of-sale app takes care of payments, invoices, inventory, reports and...

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Great little piece of kit for a sole trader. Not every transaction has to end with handfuls of crumpled notes or buckets of shrapnel.1.75% processing fee is reasonably competitive and there are ways to get rid of processing fees entirely.
Update....Replacement unit received swiftly. Returns process very easy.New unit works flawlessly. Simple to set up, easy to use and monies paid into my bank within one day (mostly). So far no problems at all. Changing my initial one star review to a 5 as this reflects the quality and usability of the system.Arrived quickly. Simple (ish) setup. Connection to my tablet failed due to older device (Galaxy Tab2) - use HTC M8 instead. Connects, yeah! Try to use to pay and immediate FAIL. App says "Reader Damaged - please use a different reader" needs to be replaced! Grrrr..... Try again.... same FAIL message. It's going to be returned and replaced.When I get my new one, I'll consider upping the star rating.
This is the best £20 I have ever spent. I work as a consultant in the construction industry and have been left unpaid a few times, over weeks and months your bills can get quite behind but with this I can ask a client at the end of each week to settle there and then on a business debit or credit card. Paying £35 per transaction to immediately collect £2k or £16.50 for £1k is an absolute bargain and being able to accept payments from company credit cards is brilliant. This little device has helped me recover from being quite badly hurt last year when a client took a lot of work from me and ran up a bill they later took me to court to avoid paying - I can't recommend it highly enough. My only preference would be for a sum-up 3g which doesn't require the phone connection and shows the sum on the device itself rather than a mobile phone and has the pin entered on that device too but the Square is fine once people know and trust it.

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