Shark S6003UK Klik n’ Flip Smartronic Deluxe Steam Mop, Bordeaux/Steel Grey

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  • Brand: Shark
  • Model Number: S6003UK
  • Colour: Bordeaux & Steel Grey
  • Item Weight: 2.8 Kg
  • Package Dimensions: 68 x 25.4 x 19.4 cm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Auto Shutoff: No
  • ASIN: B01N3930UF
  • Customer Reviews: 4.6 out of 5 stars 416 customer reviews
  • Amazon Bestsellers Rank: 1,441 in Home & Kitchen (See Top 100 in Home & Kitchen)
  • Shipping Weight: 4.5 Kg
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  • Date First Available: 29 Jan. 2017


Klik 'n Flip is Sharks most advanced Steam Pocket Mop yet. With 3 intelligent steam controls, helping you to achieve a more targeted deep clean, quickly and easily without using harsh chemicals and without ever having to touch a used cleaning pad. Klip n flip doesn't just give you amazingly clean...

User reviews

This is the first time I bought one of these to replace a normal mop and bucket. Very impressed with it so far and it works just as well as a normal mop and bucket would but without the hard effort. Using it is just like useing a hoover. However when you have a really stubborn stain you need to hold the streamer on the spot for several secs in order to losen the strain before it will remove the strain. Which is hardly a effort and better than having to scrub away like I had to with the old mop and bucketI am able to clean a standed UK size bathroom and passage and kitchen and living room all from filling it once. It comes on really quick. I always use setting three which it the strongest setting and basically once you turn it on after 30 secs or so your ready to goThe pads are very easy to put on and off due to the way its designed and are machine washable and come out of washing machine like brand newI am useing it on cushion flooring and wooden flooring. One thing that is much better about these compared to mop bucket too is that the floor drys basically within mins and there's no where near the mess a normal mop and bracket causes. I would also say the floor looks cleaner too after useing the streamer compared to the mop and bucketWhen I first got it and tried it out and used it on my kitchen floor which looked clean and I thought was clean. But after useing this streamer I relized it wasn't as clean as I thought as the streamer cleaning pad was black with dirt. So clearly much better than mop and bucket and I use to scrub hell out of my floors and often snap the mop poles so it wasn't like I wasn't cleaning the floors well. Yet this steam mop cleaned even moreIt does have a option of flipping it over to blast out a jet of stream to remove stubben stains but I don't use this as its really not needed and I found when you do this it uses the water much quicker and fills your room full of mist. I fine it much easier to just leave mop on the stubborn stain for several secs and it does just the same thing but uses less of your water from the tankThe lead is very long and it all packs away tidy and neatly. It came with 2 cleaning pad and water fill jug. To fill the machine is easy and takes a few secsIt's not light yet its not heavy either. Me and my misses are in are 30s but a elderly lady or gentleman could easily handly this as my 80 year old mother had a go and found it greatIt is expensive at £100 but I think its worth it. Its made mopping effortless and cleans the floor betterIt does take one or two goes to get use too. You have to go at a nice steady pace in order for it to clean well. You can't just go pushing it around fast it needs to move at a slow and steady pace when pushing it so the steam does it job and lifts any dirtyI would recommend buying if you have floors to mop and fed up of the hard old fashion way of mop and bucket*UPDATE* 2nd January 2019After a good few months of daily use I pleased to say that this steamer is holding up just fine and the 2 cleaning pads that come with it have been machine washed many many times and are still fine and showing no signs of ware.My house is a very busy house too with 5 young children aged 16 to 7 and two adults and a dog. So my floors take a beating each day and has to be moped daily. I gave this steamer a hard life so far and its used daily and haven't let us down once. The kids have all used it as well and it's as good as it was on day one. It's even been dropped ans fallen over leaning against the wall a good few times but it's held up just fineOne thing I should have ponited out more in my first review was the amount of time this saves you. Useing a mop and bucket use to take me about 15 mins from start to finish and useing this steamer takes about 5 mins or less. Cleaning my floors really has become effortless and there looking cleaner than they ever have.Since buying this two of my neighbours and my sister have all replaced there steam cleaners for this model and all of them have said how much better this one is. And it's not like they had cheap ones either. They had top of range models in other makes and they all said the other ones don't even compair to this one.My sister has a huge house which has wooden block flooring and tiles all the way through down stairs and has the money to buy what ever she likes and she's over the moon with the results of this machine.If you read all the reviews people leave on this streamer it becomes pretty clear quickly that 99% of people are over the moon with this steamer and that's because it really does do a brilliant job and is a quality machine.
I did a lot of research into which steam mop to purchase after my cheaper VAX one had packed in for the third time in as many months. A few people on the Instagram cleaning community had been using this and describing it as one of their 'staple' products. After purchasing and using twice a day for the last few weeks, I can see why they loved it. First of all, the overall build of this mop is very high quality, especially when compared to other steam mops I have had in the past. Its sturdy, solid and every part actually does what it is supposed to. It heats up in a matter of seconds and keeps its steam production throughout. I use the high setting in high traffic areas and medium in lower traffic areas. A very handy feature is the ability to kick back the head and use a focused burst of steam on any stubborn dirt. The mop head covers are really easy to clean and change. We have approximately 7 people in and out of our house throughout the day so the tilled floors get dirty very quickly. This has almost made it a delight to clean them! Pro Tip - Use scented ironing water to steam with and the room gets filled with a brilliant fresh fragrance!
I recently purchased a Shark cordless vacuum which, after being a die hard Dyson fan, absolutely blew me away. So I had no qualms about replacing my H20 HD steam cleaner with a Shark. What a difference! Fantastic touch-free pad removing action - no more scalded fingers when changing pads. Having a non-slip tiled floor throughout our extension (hubby is permanently on crutches now so, sadly, no shiny floors for us) cleaning is no easy task. The texture holds dirt like a magnet and destroys manual mops in seconds. The H20 HD was never easy to handle and having to remove the tank to fill it every few minutes soon became a real chore. Added to that, it couldn't maintain a constant stream of steam - I had to stop every minute and wait for it to build up again. Very frustrating! But my new Shark is like a gift from heaven. Light, simple and it cleans my stubborn tiles effortlessly. Yes, the HD20 HD separates to give a hand held steam cleaner but I have never used that feature so it's not something I miss. The Shark has a good sized cleaning area, the steam is continuous even on the HI setting, the pads are machine washable and it is incredibly easy to use. Like I said - I AM IN LOVE!EDIT: Forgot to add we have a Tamaskan so we get a lot of dirty traffic on a daily basis this time of year. After just 3 days I have found it's easier and quicker to use my Shark steamer than it is to get a mop, bowl of hot water, cleaning products and towels to dry the floor afterwards when Loki bowls through the boot room, utility room and kitchen covered in winter mud! Still madly in love!

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