Ring Video Doorbell Pro | Kit with Chime and Transformer, 1080p HD, Two-Way Talk, Wi-Fi, Motion Detection

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Works with select Alexa devices to launch real-time video with your voice.; Lets you see, hear and speak to visitors from your phone, tablet and PC.; You'll get a notification when movement is detected or when visitors press the Doorbell.; Requires hardwired installation to existing doorbell...

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I wanted to buy the Ring Pro doorbell however I have never had a door bell and didnt have wiring for a standard door bell in the UK. I researched high and low including contacting Ring customer service who were useless and could not answer my question despite repeated emails they kept sending me a link to a video which didn't exist. On the phone they couldn't really answer my question and stated that everything is in the package!Anyway so how do you install this Pro Doorbell if you don't have any pre-installed wiring and you cannot be bothered to call out an electrician to do the wiring for you as it costs money? well the kit comes with a doorbell and a chime however all instructions unnecessarily show you how to bypass your previous doorbell but don't have anything to assist with just simply using this product as a standalone device- so here it is: ignore the transformer and wiring that comes with the kit and just buy this-http://amzn.eu/d/bp74EOoThis 24 Volt power supply just plugs into the back of the ring device and then plugs into the 3 pin UK wall socket. Job done! no need to hire an electrician or go looking for a Spur in your wiring. I am not sure why Ring do not include this in their packaging? whilst the whole user experience of the device is friendly and intuitive; expecting the buyer to then get an electrician out to wire the transformer in the consumer box is just silly. Of Course you will have to drill a hole from the outside to run the wire into the house.Be careful though and make sure you do not buy those 18v transformers that claim to be designed for the Ring bell. for some reason they are not powerful enough although the voltage description suggests 16v to 24v. The one I purchased above is powerful enough to stream videos and is doing the job well.I hope this review will help people who want to install the Pro but do not have any pre-existing door bell or want to pay another £100 for an electrician. RING if you are reading this then please take my feedback and include a 24v transformer in the package cause not everyone has a door bell in the UK. The other feedback is please train your customer service department to patiently listen to the query rather than just repeat 'everything is in the box'
If you're reading this, you're probably into home automation. And if you are, there is no other way to say this: you need a Ring Pro in your life. It's an intercom you can take anywhere, a security camera with motion detector and it will answer the question: "did I remember to lock the front door / car?" with the tap of one app.I've had the Ring Pro for a few months now and am really happy with it. It was easy to install (we used an electrician), the app is easy to use and it is a great addition to any house thanks to the doorbell and video functionality.Small bonus: it's really fun to show your non-Ring friends you can talk to the Amazon delivery man from your office/garden/pub/etc.As I had some questions before buying mine, I thought I would share some knowledge here so hopefully you won't have to do as much research!Are you wondering whether to buy Ring 2 VS. Ring Pro?- The Ring Pro comes with a UK compatible transformer, the Ring 2 (as of April 2018) does not. This means you will need to buy a separate transformer (with different voltage) to make it work.- The Ring Pro comes with all 4 colour faceplates advertised. So you can change colours if the mood strikes.- The Ring Pro is powered, which means you do not have to keep screwing it off to charge it. (So you won't lose your doorbell whilst out of charge).- The Ring Pro comes with an extra chime (else you will only get notifications on your phone and not hear it in the house).- The Ring Pro allows you to set motion zones. This means it can automatically make recordings if someone trespasses a certain area you have mapped. The Ring 2 does not have this.In summary: they have similar features but the Ring Pro is slightly more convenient.Good to know before you buy:- To save any doorbell or motion detection videos, you will need to subscribe to the Ring Protection Plan. This is not mandatory: live view and answering will still be accessible without the subscription. However, I would recommend subscribing for full use of the app.The lowest subscription plan is £25 a year (or £2.50 a month) and will save videos for 60 days.- If you're handy, you can probably install this yourself. If you're not, an electrician can install this in under 30 minutes. The cost will naturally vary but to give you a cost indication: we paid £65.- The Ring Pro is powered (not rechargeable like the Ring 2) so you will need power near your front door.- You can add multiple users to your account (so everyone can have access).- The notifications work on Apple Watch but you will need to use the phone app to actually answer a Ring.- Ring is supported in IFTTT, so can be linked as a trigger for other actions around your smart home.Update 14/07/2019: After more than one year of use, I still stand by my original rating and am still enjoying my Ring Pro.For those of you who also have Hue lights at home, there's a great applet on IFTTT that blinks your lights when the doorbell goes. Great if you are wearing headphones, have your phone muted, or just like cool things like that 🙂

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