Philips Series 5000 Showerproof Body Groomer with Back Attachment and Skin Comfort System – BG5020/13

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  • Units: 1 Pieces
  • Location Produced In: China
  • Brand: Philips
  • ASIN: B07B36BQGH
  • Customer Reviews: 3.8 out of 5 stars 121 customer reviews
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  • Date First Available: 9 May 2018


The Series 5000 is designed to power through hair, without compromise on skin comfort. Whether on the chest or hard-to-reach areas like the back. You can use the skin friendly shaver or trim by clicking on the 3, 5 or 7mm length combs.

User reviews

First, let's get the negative out of the way. The instructions. They are just a series of images with a tick to indicate 'yes, do it this way' or an X to indicate 'no, that's wrong'The problem is some of the images look identical and have both a tick and a cross. Had they taken the time to include some text with each image it might have been easier to work out, so for that reason, I'm giving a 4 and not a 5, I found this method a little confusing.Ok, now the positives. I'm in my 50's, so body scaping is not something that has always been part of my trimming routine. I used to play sports and did trim in areas that may have been on public display in the showers etc because no one wants to look overgrown in the body hair department.A while back i started to use an electric trimmer, which was probably meant to be used on sideburns or a moustache as it was a facial trimmer rather than one designed for the body, it was more efficient than scissors but I didn't go too short.This trimmer works like a dream, it has different length comb/guards so you can decide what length to leave hair. Bear in mind, it's for use from the neck down. Some may want to 'bodyscape' while others may want the smooth look. This trimmer will let you do both. For instance I didn't realise how much hair I had on my back, or how much fuzz there was till I went to the hospital to have a mole removed, the nurses had to shave the area around the mole and I was shocked at the amount of hair that was on the razor, hence my reason for buying this trimmer. It comes with an easy to use attachment that lets you use it on your back, and it works great, letting you reach the whole of your back. I started trimming with the small comb protector on then went down to the actual razor foil and my back looks like it did when I was a teenager, hair free and smooth again!It was the first time I charged the unit and it came with a charge already on it so only took a few minutes to get it fully ready, it still had loads of power when I was done so I'll re-edit this in a few weeks to see how long it takes after a few uses to get back to fully loaded.All in all a great product, I feel so much cleaner now that I've used the trimmer in other areas as well.
It was supposed to do one thing and it does not do it. Such a waste of time and money. I don't know who are giving this 5 stars. Probably this is their first grooming kit and they think this is how they all work. I used to have a Philips body groomer which worked awesome.Every body groomer needs two types of teeth, one bigger (called trimmer) and one smaller (called shaver). You can manage sometimes if you have only one. For example if you have only trimmer, close shave is not possible and if you have only shaver it is not possible to cut long grown hair (say 3-4 weeks of uncut body hair). Many past Philips body groomers had both, some seperate heads (MG7710) and some products they are on either side of the body (Philips TT2040/32 BodyGroom Series 7000 Body Trimmer). The problem with the current product is that it has only shaver (small teeth), unless you shave your body everyday, it is pretty useless. Please skip this one, it is money down the drain.
This is a mix of a hair trimmer and a shaver. The trimmer sides cut longer hairs on either an up or down stroke while the foil trims them down further to give a good finish. I got it to keep my back hair under control .Considering the access difficulties of back shaving, I think the results are perfectly acceptable - what’s its not ever going to give is the closeness of a razor or face shaver - it just practically can’t do that.So if you want completely smooth another solution is needed - but to keep the majority of a pelt in control, it’s great - especially as can all be done by myself without needing assistance. As it’s a shaver you get the advantage of far fewer in-grown hairs and so on, with the downside of needing to do it more often.Battery life is good, around an hour - you do have to remove it from the handle to charge, which i think is a design oversight - would have been better to be chargeable in the handle.All in all met my expectations completely - but check what yours actually are before buying.

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