Morphy Richards Hot Water Dispenser 131004 Redefine Black 3L

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  • Brand: Morphy Richards
  • Model Number: 131004
  • Colour: Black
  • Item Weight: 3.9 Kg
  • Product Dimensions: 38.5 x 18 x 36 cm
  • Capacity: 3 litres
  • Volume Capacity: 3 litres
  • Power / Wattage: 3000 watts
  • Voltage: 240 volts
  • Material: Plastic
  • Auto Shutoff: No
  • Customer Reviews: 3.6 out of 5 stars 290 customer reviews
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  • Shipping Weight: 5.7 Kg
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  • Date First Available: 5 Jun. 2015


Simplify everyday tasks with the smart and stylish Morphy Richards Redefine 12-cup Hot Water Dispenser, complete with precise temperature and volume control. Is it time to throw away your kettle. With volume and temperature selection technology you can be sure you have full control for your...

User reviews

My New Morphy Richards Hot Water Dispenser Arrived Today ! And I Know That This Is A Bit Early To Write A Review But I Want To Help Others Ie InRelation To The Negative Reviews On Amazon UK Market Place Website . I hope my review helps other Customers decide to whether purchase this product or Not?As I was very sceptical in purchasing this product? I went onto YouTube and I watched a few videos of this product being demonstrated.As You can see that I have included a lot of pictures of my own product . I have read a lot of Negative reviews about this product having NastyDisgusting taste of plastic.Personally speaking I haven't experienced this problem with my product which I received today20th October 2017 ! I personally think that this is down to people who live in hard water areas. I submerged my Brita Cartridge over night.On opening up this item today I thought that it was Very Compact and was very Sleek and stylish in design and construction of this product was an interesting feature about this product .After installation of the hot water dispenser. I put the Brita Water Filter Cartridge into position and IFilled the tank up with 3 litres of water .I put fresh cold water through the machine 1.5 litres 3 times. To make sure that I wouldn't have any chemical taste from the cartridge.I plugged the Hot water dispenser into the plug socket. It comes standard with a 3 pin moulded plug which is standard in the UK . At first it wasFlashing at me. You must reset the product before you can use it! Simply pull out the drip tray and set a jug and press the dispenser button which is the middle button . This takes 35 seconds to do. A small amount of water is dispensed into the jug or cup.The Hot water dispenser is ready to be used. Simply switch the on and off button which is situated to the left side of the machine . Turn the dial to the capacity of water You require? Set the temperature which you will see on the display at the top right hand side of the product . You can choose 85/95/100 c . The Auto feature works with up to 600 mls of water. If this amount is exceeded you have to manually press the dispenser button to dispense the water into a tea pot , or Saucepan.I boiled water in the this product and I had a cup of tea without milk or sugar. I deliberately did this as I wanted to see if I could taste the difference between this product and a kettle? I didn't taste a disgusting taste as other people who have reviewed this product claim to have tasted an unpleasant plastic taste.I then also did another experiment with this product. I then boiled 300 mls water and I tasted and I tested this. Again I didn't taste an unpleasant disgusting taste!The main reason why I purchased this item is because I am physically disabled. I have every hope that this product will meet my expectations and more!However I will update my review if anything should change with reference to this product!I am currently happy with my Purchase and I would just like to highlight if like me ? You are thinking twice about purchasing this product?I would be inclined to go with the positive reviews rather than the negative one's.But again it is all down to personal choice etc.I have used a delongi Kettle before I purchased this product and I would go as far to say that this would definitely beat my previous kettle. Which I had for 2 year's. I also think that with a disability this product wins hands down as a kettle would be a health And safety issue with me .Please note that this is my own personal viewpoints of this product and I am not part ofMorphy Richards in Any Form!I found Morphy Richards Customer Support Service to be very helpful and informative and friendly too!Every Picture Tells A story please see all my Pictures which are my own Also!Thank You In Advance in reading my Unbiased Review, Robert.
I have only had this a couple of days so I can't comment about reliability as yet. However first impressions are really good! I have previously had a water dispenser (Bosch Filtrino ||) so am able to make comparisons. This machine is just so much better. The Filtrino was a huge disappointment. It was cheaper but still nearly £100 and really poor quality, considering it is Bosch.I didn't want to get one of the more basic dispensers only because, from what I can gather, they heat a set amount of water and that which is not dispensed is returned to the water holder to be reheated at another time. I really wanted a machine that delivered freshly boiled water.This machine heats the amount of water selected and then dispenses it quickly once hot. The Filtrino seemed to heat the water as it dispensed, giving it time to cool slightly in the cup. This is also really easy to fill the tank and change the volume and being able to dispense up to 1.5 litres at a time is a huge bonus for me as I have had to pack my kettle away as I don't have room for both. I had to press the dispense button quite a few times on the Filtrino if I wanted to fill a saucepan, for example.If you are going to spend more money on a water dispenser than about £50 then this is definitely the one to have.I haven't had any problems with strange tasting water or anything. It may be a new batch (although I bought it from Amazon Warehouse deals). It was described as being repackaged and with small damage to front and sides. The box was a bit battered and had been re-taped but product in perfect condition.Recommended.
5 stars with a but. We have been using this for 1 month now. I also bought a lot of filters but sent them back when I noticed that they needn't be used. It's mostly used daily for making tea directly into a mug - typically around 10 a day some just boiling 300ml of water. Max 600ml for 2 mugs. My son uses a larger mug so run that separately.Initially there was a taste complaint - metallic. Rather than send it back I used Astonish descaler on it rather thoroughly. 1.75L kept hot for an hour. That fixed the taste aspect but if allowed to cool it still doesn't taste like tap water. Boiled water doesn't. We still think it tastes a touch different to water out of a kettle but that's by no means certain. It's probably down to boiling small quantities of water, some is always left in a kettle.Now comes the but. We made tea by dialing the amount, placing the mugs, adding milk, pressing the button and dropping in a tea bag. Results while it steeps are interesting. The tea layers rather than fully mixing with the milk and water. Not a problem. A few days ago though we started getting weak tea so stopped adding milk before the "boiling" water. The temperature had clearly dropped. Yesterday I descaled it and now things are back to how they were originally. It even produced a decent mug of tea at 95C. I forgot to reset to 100C after descaling it. So for our use it looks like it will need descaling monthly. I live in B'ham and have extremely soft water. I have never ever descaled a kettle. They only ever get a slight trace of scale. I don't think that run through filters that fit the machine would help this aspect much especially in hard water areas.Other aspects. The water tank has the handle on the side rather than on the top as per most kettles - it's not an easy thing to handle when full so we generally only 1/2 or 1/3 fill it to keep the weight down. The hot water drop into a mug is pretty large but that allows other items to be filled - my wife uses it for gravy etc. Personally I think a mug stand wouldn't be a bad idea. The machine defaults to auto fill unless the volume is over 600ml. Personally I think that it should be selectable really so that it can be permanently disabled. The knob used to select the amount of water can be a bit bizarre. It seems to react according to how fast it's turned in an odd fashion so selecting 300ml for instance may skip past 320 to 280 when the turn rate is slowed down. Probably silly over complicated software.We'll stick with it and may add a filter and see if that gets around descaling. As our water is already very soft I don't think it will. Pour through filters can only do so much.Update - Descaling did increase the water temperature but not by as much as I thought. Being retired and not wanting to turn into hot house plants we run the heating on rather low settings during the day. Lowish at night too really. I tried lifting the mug so that it was directly under the spouts by by hand - result hotter water and better tea. All down to how far the thin stream of water falls going into a mug. A bit like cooling hot soup, take a spoon full, lift and run it back in. The alternative is to add milk after the tea has steeped. We use borosilicate glass mugs so heat loss into those is low compared with other types.John-

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