McAfee 2019 Total Protection|5 Devices|PC/Mac/Android/Smartphones|Activation code by post

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McAfee 2019 total protection includes award-winning antivirus, blocks viruses, malware, ransomware, spyware, unwanted programs and more on your PC; Your code will be delivered by post with detailed instruction for installing the product; the manufacturer does not produce any CD/DVD/Flash drive...

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I followed instructions which took me to sign in details I had to give my phone number and email. I was then informed that installation could not be completed and did I want to be contacted by phone or email. I chose phone and then received a call from a private number. A guy then informed me that my software was out of date and I had numerous small problems he took over my computer ( alarm bell started to ring) then informed me that there would be several problems that could only be solved if I paid. At this point I said no this was not the case as I had just had the computer checked by a software expert. He said I didn't understand and I would not be able to use the product key again if I did not complete the process with him. Totally wrong as I have since installed it with no problem. I told him if I couldn't I would return the product to Amazon. Complete scammer, its a good job I am not a complete computer novice but next year I wont buy Mcafee again.
What I didn’t realise before purchasing is you can not install the product without allowing mcafee to store your credit card details... After which you CAN NOT REMOVE. This is a pet peeve of mine as they then have access to your credit card and so do potential hackers! Will not be buying again and should be made clear by amazon.
Nothing wrong with the product, but I resent having to give my card details to facilitate automatic annual renewal before I can download/register. Admittedly, it can be cancelled, but the onus SHOULD NOT be on the purchaser to do so. I may well change allegiance next year.

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