Linksys VELOP Intelligent Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System, 3-Pack (AC3900), Compatible with Alexa, Control Via Linksys Smart WiFi App, Ideal for Medium to Large Homes, 2 Years Warranty, White

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  • Brand name: Linksys
  • Item Weight: 322 g
  • Product Dimensions: 7.8 x 14 x 7.8 cm
  • Item model number: WHW0103-UK
  • Series: LINKSYS VELOP WHW0103 AC3900 3PK
  • Color: White
  • Connectivity Type: 802_11_AC
  • Wireless Type: 802.11ac
  • ASIN: B07CZ3YB51
  • Customer Reviews: 3.9 out of 5 stars 728 customer reviews
  • Amazon Bestsellers Rank: 1,299 in Computers & Accessories (See Top 100 in Computers & Accessories) .zg_hrsr { margin: 0; padding: 0; list-style-type: none; } .zg_hrsr_item { margin: 0 0 0 10px; } .zg_hrsr_rank { display: inline-block; width: 80px; text-align: right; } #11 in Whole Home & Mesh Wi-Fi Systems
  • Shipping Weight: 2.1 Kg
  • Date First Available: 1 May 2018


Velop with Intelligent MeshTM Technology is an award-winning family mesh Wi-Fi system created to work seamlessly together. Regardless of shape, size or wherever your internet comes in, Velop can be customized to your home. It provides seamless Wi-Fi everywhere and continuously optimizes to find...

User reviews

First the product, works great - gives me a solid full strength 5g (and 2.4g) connection through my whole house.Now the setup - pay attention to save yourself hours of frustration:1. Set up the first node exactly as instructed - it's simple and easy to follow.2. At the end of this process it asks if you want to set up your second node now or later - whatever you do do NOT select to do it later. If you do it will then download and install an update on the node you just installed. This update means it can no longer talk to the two you haven't installed yet, and you will not be able to install them without a lot of messing around.So what if you did click to do it later and you can't install the other two? Well, this worked for me (after 5 hours of retesting and retrying)1. unplug the first node you installed from the router and turn it off.2. pick up your second node and reset it (hold red button) . Plug it into your modem.3. Uninstall the app from your phone (important)4. reinstall the app5. open it and choose to install new device. Set this node up exactly as you did the first one. You can use all the same settings6. once done. Choose not to install another node, the app will then update the firmware on the node.7. once all complete, reset the node with the red button (the firmware stays installed)8. Now repeat with node 3 (including app uninstall and reset)9. The app will now show you as having multiple routers (it thinks all 3 are the first node), delete the two which are showing as "disconnected"10. Reconnect the first node you set up to the router, in the app go through the process of adding new nodes. Now that they have the same firmware, they'll all install easily.
I don't understand the reviews that give this 5 stars after describing the appallingly frustrating setup software. I'm trying to add the second node. After several attempts, you get a purple flashing light and your phone says it detects the device, but other every other logical outcome also occurs: I.e. purple light flashes, but phone doesn't find device, phone finds device but purple light does flash. Am I just throwing dice? Could the real purpose of this setup be random number generation? who knows?The next step is not so random: it always ends up with the light flashing red. Sorry reader, if none of this makes sense, because you don't own one, but count yourself lucky. The red light means what you guess. It doesn't work.Even this stage is unconvincing - the light starts flashing red to say out of range, but the phone app simply times out and says 'Oops we've hit a snag' as if it never actually gets any response from the device. Then it asks you to reboot the device, which begins another cycle. Another 15 minutes of your life you will never get back.Update: I got the set up process to work: the master device is forwarding DHCP traffic, as well as being a DHCP server. As soon as I turn off the DHCP server in my modem/router, and configure the Velop with a static IP, the process works. It's hard to see why it's set up this way: it's not bridging, so it shouldn't forward DHCP. It seems to be possible to place the units too close together to work, as well.Even so, I've had to reboot the master unit twice since I got it working, which is only a day ago: The WiFi is up but it doesn't respond to pings. I'm now going to send it back.One star means I hate it. Owning this product has been so frustrating that I do literally hate it.
You install the app and it gives you step by step instructions. The app can get stuck and my advice is restart and reset node to move along otherwise it just hangs. I wanted to use nodes directly from my router and the best way to do this is connect to directly to the router and not modem as instructions tell you. I don't have a big house but the third node upstairs had severe issues connecting until it was directly above the first router. My broad band virgin model has only one active port so you can't connect to that port as it used for router.The results. My god are amazing I am getting 10 times + speed down load than through previous repeater architecture. On the edge of my house l am only getting 4 times speed but it's way better than before. You get one ssid now and makes moving around much easier now. My fire sticks aren't buffering any more but only time will tell. My home is not 6000 feet but three is just about covering it. Perhaps l'll need. 4th to improve the edges of the footprint and maybe the garden! The units are very light and best to place them in high locations to boost performance. Yes, they are large and the larger plug can crowd a double plug. I have connected my Alexa devices now and l m hoping with better connectivity l should avoid the issues l have had with a 6-mg speed. All l can say, it works and for once it actually does what it says on sales literature except the 6000ft bit. i bought Linksys as supposed 3-year support.I had issues with connecting my I phone in bridge mode and wrote this in my earlier review. To their credit, Linksys support picked up this issue from review and contacted me directly. They spent 2 hours trouble shooting. We finally worked out my iPhone had issues with getting an ip address and not the Velop (as I had written in my earlier review). We set a static ip address on phone and it works. My other I phones were fine. So l have a dodgey iPhone (good luck with apple customer support).That’s what l call customer support and why can’t they sell cars, do mobile phone, utilities, banking to name a few with customer support like this?This is expensive but it works and has made enjoying wifi so much easier at home!! Ive had this six weeks now and the difference it has made to my home network is amazing.

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