LG UBK80 4K Ultra HD HDR Blu-ray Player – Black

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4K ultra HD HDR. Unleash your entertainment. The next step in home cinema set up, this 4K Ultra HD HDR Blu-ray Player is capable of 4K and multi HDR playback, bringing a whole new level of detail and colour to what you watch. Experience the viewing experience possible with this 4K Blu Ray player...

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LG UBK80 UHD Blu-ray PlayerI bought this player to partner an LG 4K TV in February 2019 after a major price reduction.The player is easy to set-up, simple to connect and gives a great picture and excellent sound quality.It is quiet in operation, whether playing Blu-ray discs (4K and HD), DVD discs or CD’s.The disc loading time is very reasonable, even with early Bu-rays which took ages on a previous player.I have the player connected through an Onkyo TX-NR646 AV Receiver playing through a Dolby 5.1 speaker set-up.The Onkyo is fed the expected Dolby surround track and the sound quality from the UHD disc of “The Greatest Showman” was just as stunning as the picture quality.Watching HD Blu-ray discs there is certainly a benefit from the upscaling done by the player, much better image quality than ‘off-air’ HD picture from Freeview or SkyHD.With the Player connected to an input on the Onkyo the Player turns on the ONKYO and the TV and selects the correct inputs. Everything works as it should until you eject the disc, then the Onkyo is switched to TV input and the TV sees no picture, until you close the drawer, when it switches back again.Connecting the Blu-ray player to an HDMI port on the TV is a bit better, the Onkyo is switched to TV mode and the Blu-Ray player sends the Dolby sound via the HDMI cable to the Onkyo. If the tray is open now you get a full white screen on the TV. This is a bit glaring in a typical darkened home cinema setting.I have contacted LG about this behaviour, they are of course blaming the rest of my equipment (!) but if I get any positive help, I will update this review.The Player Menu has Icons for Video’s, Photo’s and Music Media, but it cannot find Network Media Shares, the only Media Source supported seems to be USB. The Music player is half decent, it actually displays art work embedded in the files, but is not as slick as the Music Player on my Apple TV.
Excellent budget DVD player for the money with stunning quality when copuple with 65inch LG oled TV. Watching UHD wide dynamic range blue rays of planet earth is a real joy and the main reason for the purchase. Connnection was simple BUT beware in case you have the same issue I had...the TV failed to recognise the UHD blue ray correctly initially and I nearly sent the player back. HOwever the problem was a subtle one in that the HDMI lead was too long. (About 10ft) the signal gets corrupted Andy out of sink of this distance Andy a shorter lead instantly fixed the issue. Overall very happy with this basic player and the quality with an OLED TV.
Upgrade from DVD recorder with HD upscale functionality the BluRay picture quality is stit much better & improves the overall output even playing DVDs.Simple to set up & use a very nice no frills unit for the money

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