LG 49UM7100PLB 49 Inch UHD 4K HDR Smart LED TV with Freeview Play – Ceramic Black (2019 Model)

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Live in wonder with intelligence. The LG UM71 UHD TV with 4K active High-dynamic-range technology utilises an colour enhancer and ultra surround sound to deliver mesmerising film experiences. The state-of-the-art quad core processor supports the advanced picture processing required for bright and...

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So firstly, I'm 21 and I'm well into tech. I'm very capable of navigating any interface and generally get along well with any bit of technology. And let me tell you, I found this TV to be extremely aggravating to use. The setup wasn't complicated or anything, it was just extremely slow. This is 2019 now LG, I should be able to double press a letter and expect two letters to be registered. For example, if I were to use the on screen keyboard to write the word "letter" it would just process "leter" because it couldn't keep up with a double press of the letter 'T'. You almost have to wait a moment after pressing anything so that the TV can react. This became even more frustrating with the backspace/delete key... If i wanted to delete my password for example, I would generally just spam the delete button or hold it down, and expect it to be deleted... BUT NO. This TV can't process that, you hold down the delete button and it deletes one character, no matter how long you hold it for. You can spam that backspace 1000 times but it'll still only process one click every second or so... and it may be fine if you're a bit slower with typing on screen or something, but for me, it was so frustrating. Any TV should definitely be able to keep up with me if a 20 year old Nokia can.And then, aside from the incredibly slow LG operating system and general usage, my TV came with backlight bleed, only ever so slightly - I'll admit. But this bugs me, why would anyone want a TV where the attitude is like "that'll do". I want my TV to be perfect out of the box, and backlight bleed isn't perfect. I spotted it straight away, and I couldn't stop seeing it after. (Sorry for the rubbish pics, but you can see the weird light coming from the edge of the TV)I gave the TV a try, I streamed Planet Earth 2 in 4K, and it was actually very pleasant. The colours were nice and bright, the image nice and sharp, and the sound was pretty decent, but again... in the dark scenes I could see the backlight bleed, and the blacks are pretty grey (but this is also not really a big issue).I gave the Alexa integration a go. Downloaded the Alexa skill and tried it... The app was rated 1 star so that was a bit of a red flag from the get-go. But yeah, it deserves 1 star. It doesn't have many features at all, it might aswell not exist.The legs themselves, I see a lot of people complain about, but they're really not THAT flimsy. They hold up fine, I didn't notice the screen 'leaning forward' or anything like other reviews, but that's just my experience. They're OK, they support the TV and they hold up fine, and they weren't too big, which is good.Unfortunately I did return the TV. It definitely doesn't suit me. There were a lot of features which got me excited when I bought it, It's my first 4k TV, Alexa integration sounded awesome, the low input lag would've been good for when I occasionally use my PS4 gaming, but it just wasn't enough. I was overall disappointed with my purchase. The backlight bleed, the aggravatingly slow OS, the lack of real Alexa integration just really killed it, it didn't feel like a TV that stood out from the rest.In summary, the TV is OK. It get's the job done, if you have lots of patience and don't really care about Alexa controlling your TV then it would be more suited to you. It's really nothing special. Hope I helped.
Picture quality is very good on this TV. Looks really good for gaming (used with an Xbox One S). Easy to set up and use.Only thing to look out for is that the HDMI ports are not set up for HDR out of the box, this has to be enabled manually. You can see how to do this via YouTube.Sound is decent, you won’t need a sound bar unless you’re really fussy.The only downfall is the terrible placing and flimsyness of the feet. They’re so bad that I bought a wall mount. When using the feet, the TV appears to lean forward and seems very unstable. I just didn’t trust them. They would also require a very wide stand. Thankfully the TV is very easy to wall mount and arguably looks better.
As above, blacks can sometimes appear slightly grey when not in 10 bit HDR.Everything else looks perfect and is an amazing TV for the money. I doubt I would buy anything else for the next few years!You can even control your console on YouTube and the dashboard with the TV remote via HDMI!It will also switch on and off the PS4 or Xbox if you turn the TV on or off first or vice versa. Crazy.Another good thing is you can just insert a USB stick into the rear of the TV and start recording your TV programs.

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