ENACFIRE E18 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphones 15H Playtime 3D Stereo Sound True Wireless Earphones Earbuds with Mic Grey

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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; 【ONE-STEP PARING TECHNOLOGY】 Probably the most simple tech Bluetooth wireless headphones device you've used before. Don't have to press any buttons. ONLY pull them out of magnetic charging case and " E18 " automatically appear on your iPhone...

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I purchased these after reading many of the reviews on Amazon and also after reviewing other reviews online as I needed wire-free earphones for use during my gym sessions - wired headphones just get in the way! These were discounted and overall appeared to offer good value for money.BUILD QUALITYYou can normally tell the quality of a product by the quality of the packaging that the product arrives in. The earbuds are presented in a good quality matt black box and upon unpacking reveal a good instruction manual that is well written albeit short. The earbuds are delivered in a charging case and each looks to be very well made. The charging case is also well constructed and feels quite robust. A USB charging cable is also supplied though this isn't particularly long (about 12" in length).EASE OF USEOnce removed from the charging case, the earbuds are easily paired to my iPhone. There is an audible update from the earbuds stating "Pairing, right channel", "Pairing, left channel" which is helpful. Skipping and pausing tracks was easy with a double or single tap on the right earbud respectively. However, the volume can only be controlled via your mobile phone, which is a shame.COMFORT/FITThe earbuds fit snugly and I found that no amount of shaking my head about or running on the treadmill dislodged them which is great if your exercise/workout is an intense and vigorous one! I didn't feel any discomfort from wearing the earbuds over a prolonged period.NOISE CANCELLATIONAlthough they are obviously not true "Active" noise cancelling earbuds, these fit snugly into the ear canal and cut out a lot of the outside sounds you would normally hear with headphones or earphones. As such I would say that these cancelled out about 90% of background noise.SOUND QUALITYI found the sound quality to be excellent. Once paired the sound is rich and vibrant when listening to any genre of music. One thing to bear in mind is that when making or receiving phone calls, you will only hear this through a single channel and unfortunately not through both earbuds.BATTERY LIFEThe earbuds themselves have a 3 hour battery life but can be charged from the case, which holds 15 hours of charge itself and therefore doesn't need to be plugged in to recharge your earbuds. The case is small enough to fit in your pocket/bag/purse as it is quite compact - so you can recharge on the go.Time will tell how they fair over time but they look promising so far. Overall, I would highly recommend these earbuds.
I have one Sennheiser PXC 550 which are an amazing noise cancelling wireless headphones but to hot for the summer. Therefore I was looking for an alternative for my summer commute. Based on a friend suggestion, the reviews I found here and on the Internet and the fact it was on sale (£43.99 - 56% off) I decided to give a try.I couldn't be more impressed with this earphones. They overachieved my expectations with good sound quality and reduce 90% of the noise around you. I had some hesitations in terms of comfort and having earphones stuck in my ears for ours and I thought after some time it would be very discomfortable, but they fit really well on my ears and after 3 hours my eras don't hurt.The connection with my iPhone is quick and easy. I don't know why but with my PC I need to select the earphones in the control panel but after that it never stops.The only downside I found is the 3 hours battery which can be a bit annoying if you use them for work. The good thing is that the docking station also charges the earphones.I highly recommend this earphones for commuters and it's completely value for money.
I bought these head phones purely for running purposes. They are truly wireless and have given me greater freedom when running compared to head phones with a cable. Connected to my Samsung Galaxy S8 effortlessly and headphones synced immediately. I've never experienced any problem with connectivity. They come with three different sizes of earbuds. the largest size work best for me. Sound quality much better than expected. They do pack a punch and I can't fault them for what I need them for. They have never come loose never mind coming close to falling out. The charging dock which also acts as a case is also a really nice feature. Only negative I can see is that when inserted and the music is low you can hear the slight rattle of the mechanism within the headphones but I have to stress this is only when the volume is particularly low. Otherwise you won't hear a thing. Well worth the money and recommended.

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