ELEPHAS Projector, 5000 Lumens HD Video Projector 200” Home Cinema LCD Movie Projector Support 1080p HDMI VGA Av USB Ideal for Home Entertainment Party Games, White

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Package includes: 1 x ELEPHAS Yg600 projector1 x HDMI Cable 1 x AV 3 in 1 cable 1 x Remote control 1 x projector lens cap 1 x User Manual.

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I rarely do reviews on anything but this is a little gem I must share with you..Like many people who would love a home cinema there is normally one thing that holds us back, yes its the cost of a projector which can run into the thousands. It stands to reason the more you spend the better you get yes, well NO not in this case.I started my journey into the big screen like most people trawling youtube checking online videos and dreaming of a state of the art laser projector, come on lets get serious I can't afford one of those,and most people reading this can't either, however I did stumble across the ELEPHAS 3600 Lumin projector, and I must say, I really did think everyone raving about it must be MAD its only £159, it can't be that good, can it?Anyway in for a penny in for a pound I took the plunge and ordered one from AMAZON, and because it was a black friday or cyber monday malarkey I was offered an extra £20 off the price and free same day delivery...RESULT. I do like a bit of free delivery.Later that day, a very long day, a big brown box with smiley logo arrived, I couldn't wait to open it.I cut through the packing tape to find another dull and dreary brown box inside, I also cut through that one too, to find a big shiny black box with gold writing on, you know sometimes you can get a feel for whats inside a box by the quality of it, this was one of those moments, a really good quality box....When I finally opened all three boxes (better safe than sorry great packaging) I was able to see some strange tubular bubble wrap protecting a really nice white shiny projector, which had some weight too it ....The next day I was up early and fitted my screen and wall mount added a source then turned it on for the first time.WOW the picture was so big 120" and the quality is fabulous crisp bright vivid colours with a keystone adjustment too,and built in speakers however loud but tinny, I blue toothed via an adapter (bought seperately) to my sound bar via the headphone out socket.Because the projector has 3600 lumens the picture can be quite easily be seen in daylight but at night in the dark it really pops.If it was a car it would be a sleeper nothing too special to look at, but oh my god what performance.ANYONE THINKING OF GETTING ONE, JUST STOP LOOKING AROUND AND DO IT!!!Its the best £130 I've spent in years, anyway who needs to go to the cinema when you have your own....
 Ive just upgraded to this 3600 lum projector from my elephas 2000 ..much higher quality picture quality just like having a 100 inch hd tv on the wall..the boot time is quicker and the fan noise is quieter than my previous elephas..Also which i was suprised about this 3600 is considerably bigger than my 2000 elephas as per photo and heaviier..i used an £80 ceiling bracket off amazon to hang the unit..No complaints very happy with my £140 projector..Also its viewable with curtains open in daylight..
If you want a good projector for less than £200 then your search is over. I have owned a few projectors over the years and for the price you can’t fault the ELEPHAS. The projector will upscale 720p to give you a very convincing 1080i, it will easily Project at 180 inches, the colour reproduction is good, the brightness is an honest rating of 3600 and the biggest bonus for me personally is the sound quality and the quiet cooling fan.My previous projector was rated at 2800 lumens and needed a dark room to work, the ELEPHAS on the other hand allows you to have some side lights on and still enjoy a movie. In their advertising ELEPHAS talk about an ‘advanced cooling system’ and I am inclined to believe them because unlike my previous LED projector, this one does not have a warm-up or cool-down, it turns on and off instantly and is very! quiet while running. Speakers in budget projectors are usually an after thought, but again, you will not be disappointed by the ELEPHAS, the inbuilt speaker(s) are genuinely powerful with good bass, in fact they are so good that late in the evening, when I used to swap to headphones, I am how simply turning off the surround sound amp which transfers the movie/tv/game audio back to the projector.The remote control is small and compact (just like the actual projector) and works in any direction. The final plus point for me over my old projector is that the ELEPHAS has a fixed front glass lens and an internal focusing lens, this allows the lens cap to be fitted/removed without accidentally knocking the projector out of focus.If you want a budget projector that does everything well, here it is.

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