Card Minder RFID/NFC Blocking Card – Contactless Card Protection – 1 Card Protects Your Entire Wallet – No Batteries Required – Next Gen Hassle Free with No Need for Sleeves (1 Card, Platinum Card)

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Rely on the best - Independently tested by De Montfort University and received Secured by Design status which is restricted to companies or products that have been successfully tested to the high standards set by Secured by Design and meet Police Preferred Specification.; Hassle Free - No need...

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They do work, they protect your credit cards and the surrounding area from RFID thievery. No question, absolutely effective.The downside is, if you are staying in a hotel, they will wipe your hotel room key, if you have credit card magnetic stripes that need to be used, it will wipe them as well.Doesn't really matter in this day and age but you should know.
Fits in my wallet perfectly. Tested against an RFID reader on a Point of Sale workstation (i.e. a bar till) and it definitely could not read my bank card. Also tested it against a hotel key card door lock and it could not read my door key card.Added bonus, it stopped my phone from wiping the data from the hotel key card when I accidentally put them all in the same pocket, meaning I did not need to go back to Reception to ask for a new key card.Definitely worth the money and highly recommended.
Well, on the positive side I don't appear to have had my cards scammed as yet......but strangely enough, I have had the same experience since I started using cards and slotting them in my wallet without an extra pocket being taken up!So the big question. How do we know if this thing is working or not? There doesn't seem to be any easy test you can carry out to verify the effectiveness of the product. To me it seems a bit like "The Emperor's New Clothes"..... seller/manufacturer, "please take my word for this, this piece of plastic really is protecting your cards"!!!Can't recommend or not recommend. It's up to you.

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