Braun Series 9 Electric Shaver for Men 9297cc, Wet and Dry, Integrated Precision Trimmer, Rechargeable and Cordless Razor with Clean and Charge Station and Leather Travel Case, Chrome

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  • Location Produced In: Germany
  • Brand: Braun
  • ASIN: B07DTHJ8X9
  • Customer Reviews: 4.3 out of 5 stars 504 customer reviews
  • Amazon Bestsellers Rank: 70,196 in Health & Personal Care (See Top 100 in Health & Personal Care) .zg_hrsr { margin: 0; padding: 0; list-style-type: none; } .zg_hrsr_item { margin: 0 0 0 10px; } .zg_hrsr_rank { display: inline-block; width: 80px; text-align: right; } #99 in Men's Electric Foil Shavers
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  • Date First Available: 1 Aug. 2018


The Braun Series 9 is our best electric shaver now with built-in Responsive Intelligence for a flawless shave. A 100% waterproof electric razor designed to last up to seven years, it can be used to shave dry or use with water, foam or gel. It features a slide-out precision trimmer to create...

User reviews

I used to use a Braun electric shaver until my daughter was born in 1998 and the sound of my shaver kept waking her up in the morning. I changed to the Gilette Mach 3 shaving system and have kept with the system as it has evolved over the years, now using a Fusion5 ProGlide Power with Flexball. The quality of shave from these razors is great but I have always found it quite time consuming on at 6 am on a workday morning to lather up, concentrate on shaving carefully to avoid cuts and then rinse away all of the suds afterwards. I was therefore left with the question whether it would be more convenient to use an electric shaver during the week and just use a wet shaving system at the weekend.I tried a Braun Series 3 300s shaver last year for a couple of months. Whilst it was definitely quicker than a wet shave, if I used it for more than 1 day at a time, I found it just didn't reach hairs in awkward areas such as under the jawline. Cheap and cheerful but only good enough for occasional use.I have now used the Series 7 every day for the past 4 weeks. I am pleased to say that it has provided me with a rapid and comfortable shave each morning, with no need to get out the Gilette Fusion razor. The shave itself is non-irritating and I haven't felt any need to use a soothing balm, which again saves time. I think the biggest difference is the way that the shaver angles itself in 8 planes to ensure that it always cutting hair at an optimal angle. The Actilift trimmer deals with any long hair effectively whilst the protective skin guard means that I don't have to worry about cutting myself. The shaver is such a joy to use, I often find myself also using it shave a 5 'o' clock shadow before going out in the evening. In terms of settings, I have set the shaver using the accelerator buttons to "intensive shave" as I haven't had any problems with skin irritation.The trimmer looks insubstantial but actually does quite a good job of keeping the long hair in my sideburns in check - far better than the 6th blade on the Gillette Fusion razor.I have used the Clean and Charge on most days and it does a great job of cleaning the foil and ensuring it is well lubricated. It is really simple just to drop the shaver in the station, press one click and know it will be clean and dry by the evening. The station doesn't have an active drying system so it will take several hours to dry by evaporation, particularly in winter. However, in practice this isn't a problem as the gap between shaves is at least 12 hours and usually 24 hours. The station indicates whether a mild, normal or deep clean is required. The cleaning cartridge contains 170 ml of liquid and this is sufficient for 30 cleaning cycles. I have run 20 cleaning cycles and the charging station shows that there are still more than 7 cleaning cycles remaining so plenty of time to buy a spare pack of cartridges.The battery life is great. It took it with me on a business trip to Kuwait and the battery life was still at 90% after 5 days use. The "hygiene" indicator was down to 1 segment, showing that it needed an intensive clean and this was done automatically in the Charge and Cleaning station.I wasn't sure whether to buy this or the Series 9 razor. From my experience with this shaver (and the research I have done on other review sites), the Series 7 is ideal for someone like me who shaves every day whereas the Series 9 really comes into its own for those with sensitive skin or who have particularly coarse hair. The Series 7 is 2/3rd the cost of the Series 9 and also has cheaper replacement foil heads so represents far better value for money and is the sweet spot of the Braun Premium Razors.
Simply the Best. I'm not a youngster and have owned a fair number of shavers over the years, but this walks away with all the awards. I cannot fault it. If I had to be critical I'd probably say that I was a bit surprised when it arrived without a plastic guard for the foil head, but since it sits in the charger at home and is protected within its case while away, that's based on what I'm used to and not really a valid criticism. A superb, comfortable, effective & efficient razor.I've always understood that an electric shaver is a different beast from a wet razor and you cannot expect an identical finish from both. That is not a valid basis upon which to make a comparison between wet and dry. I do both (different days, not at the same session). The charging unit does let you know that it's working but I actually think that's a good thing, it doesn't last long, and if you find it troublesome do your charging when you're not in bed! I know the cleaning capsules are pricey as I've owned an earlier model, but you don't have to use them. No adaptor supplied? Buy your own! The plug fits perfectly into my bathroom socket. Shop around - don't pay the catalogue price of £300. None of these observations justify an under-3 rating on the overal quality and performance of the Braun 7.
Over the years I have had numerous shavers from all the major manufacturers. Having a sensitive skin I cannot have a conventional wet shave.Prior to buying this one, I had two Braun Series 3 shavers. Both were good to start with, providing a reasonably close shave. Within a few months the cutters needed to be replaced.Seeing the Series 7 advertised at a reduced price, I decided to buy this much more expensive shaver.The first cut was very close, but within a week it was less so, although better than my experience with the Series 3. On tougher areas of the beard I need to make several passes to get a close shave, but this has always been the case.I have now had the shaver for just over 5 weeks and it continues to provide a close shave. I use the cleaning system daily and a small amount of the cleaning fluid remained a few days ago. The cleaning cycle has kept the shaver cutters clean and well lubricated. Nevertheless, after this period, I thought it advisable to change the fluid. Instead of buying the very expensive replacement cleaning cartridges, I have purchased a bottle of fluid (From Germany) to refill the original cartridge. First I flushed it out and disinfected it, until it was perfectly clean, I then refilled it from the bottle. As far as I can tell, it continues to work well. The listed contents appear to be the same as those in the original cartridge.I cannot comment on the battery life, as it is of course charged daily during the cleaning process.In summary, I am so far very pleased with the Braun Series 7, which is performing better than all those shavers I have purchased in the past. Time will tell how long the cutters last, but I am hoping the daily cleaning and lubrication will extend this life, as a replacement head is very expensive.

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