20-Piece Lock Pick Set with Transparent Training Padlock and Credit Card Lock Picking Tool Kit by LockCowboy + Guide for Beginner and Pro Locksmiths

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  • Manufacturer reference: AB-114
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🔥 ALL-INCLUSIVE LOCK PICKING SET: The Lock Cowboy 20-piece lock pick kit for beginners includes all the tools and information you need to become a professional locksmith. The kit contains 20 high-quality lock picks, a transparent practice lock, keys, a credit card pick set, a vegan...

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Good Value. The transparent lock is very easy to pick and took about 60s for this complete beginner to crack but it does show you how a padlock works inside. I also cracked a proper Yale padlock which took about 5 mins of wiggling the first time. But one of the picks snapped off inside the lock on subsequent practice attempts which ruined the lock.I now spend my sleepiness nights getting into neighbors sheds and swapping their lawnmowers around.
Review date: 21st November 2018============INTRODUCTION============I have been watching lock picking videos on YouTube over the past few months and thought it looked interested so I went to Amazon to pick up a set. I've never tried lockpicking before, so I am an amateur in practice. I found this set and thought it would be a good starting point as there was an acrylic see through lock so that I could "see" what I feel during lock picking. This set cost £13.97 at time of writing and includes the following items:- 12 assorted lock picks (0.023" thickness)- 2 tension bars (0.023" thickness)- 1 auto tension bar- Credit card sized box including 4 lock picks (0.025" thickness) and 1 tension bar (0.032" thickness)- 1 acrylic padlock with two keys- 1 faux leather pouch- Leaflet============ITEMS============There are an assortment of picks included, but these can generally be summarised into three categories: tension bars, rakes and hooks.Most of the picks are nicely finished, but you can see that there are some rough edges on some of the picks. Unfortunately, the roughest edge is on one of the simple hooks I used the most and it does rough your fingers up if you use it for more than ten minutes. I'd recommend using a high grit sandpaper to smooth the edges over.The acrylic padlock can be opened using the supplied keys and you can see the driver pins moving over the shear line when the key is inserted. This gives you an idea of where the pins should sit during lock picking.The credit card sleeve fits the four smaller lock picks and the 0.032" tension bar. The package thickness is about 3-4 credit cards thick. The picks included, although shorter in length, are 0.025" thick, which is thicker than the full length picks by 0.002". I'll explain why this is important later on.Two ebooks are given via URL on the reverse side of the leaflet, and I must say these are excellent. They will give you a good fundamental idea on the concept of locks and how to pick them (either using the rake pick and method or SPP method).============LOCK PICKING============Based on my picking of the acrylic lock and some other locks I had laying around, I had a much higher success rate using the SPP method over the raking method. Therefore, my review is going to focus around using this method. See one of the attached pictures for "favourite items", which are essentially the items I had most success with. They are:- 0.032" tension bar- 0.023" city rake- 0.023" hooksSee one of the pictures attached where I compared the two thickness tension bars (0.032" versus 0.023"). You can see that the thicker bar fills the gap better, which allows for better grip when rotating the bar. The thinner bar wobbles too much and came out of the keyway too many times. In addition, it was very awkward to hold the 0.023" bar whereas the 0.032" bar was much easier to hold in the lock. The thinner bar also deformed quite easily so required constant bending back into shape.The two 0.023" hooks worked much better than the 0.025" hooks as the longer handles made it much easier to manipulate when you're deeper into the keyway and because they're thinner, it gives you more room to navigate.The practice lock given is easy to work with, having a wide keyway and responsive pins. I would use this lock purely as a proof of concept and nothing more, since other locks do not feel the same.What about the picks I didn't use? I did try all the picks to some extent and whether it's my method or not, I just didn't find them useful at all. The bogota's are meant to be slid over the pins multiple times to slide them into position, but I just couldn't get any pins to set. The city rake proved to be more successful and I could feel pins set using this tool. The snowman was near useless as you cannot feel the pins accurately and it cannot push pins all the way up if they are deep. I did not get to use the key extractor. The wide hook (if that's what it's called) felt too wide and would often jam or set multiple pins at the same time. The half diamonds were OK, you can accurately feel the pins but due to their size you cannot set each pin individually, and you will struggle to get the right angle on the deeper 5th/6th pins. I had no use of the auto-tension bar with this kit, I think this is designed for car doors??============SUMMARY============In conclusion, I'd highly rate this product if you're looking to have a bit of fun, learn something new, or have a friend who is an avid spy-fan. If you're looking to get into locksports (like me), then I'd recommend taking a pass on this kit and put a little bit of extra cash into a better quality lockpick set (e.g. Sparrow, Peterson). Some of the picks are rough and may require some finishing to make them smooth and there's only 4 tools, in my opinion, that are actually worth using. That makes this set a little bit expensive just for these items, hence the recommendation to go for a higher quality kit.
I bought this set as I was having problems with residents changing lo KS in the block I manage and having to call out a locksmith when all I need is access on rare occasions. This kit and the pdf's gave me the skills to resolve my problems and I have found it fun as well, so much so I have got some scrap locks from my locksmith to test my skills. Have a go, but remember stay legal 👍

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